1/72 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.1/AV-8A

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Plastic model kit of a British vertical take-off aircraft from the 1960s. The Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.1 is undoubtedly one of the most significant aircraft in the history of aviation. It was developed from the Hawker P.1127 experimental aircraft, which was used to test the possibilities of V/STOL flight with vectored thrust. These aircraft successfully mastered the transition from hover to forward flight and back to hover, although several of the development aircraft crashed during testing. The prospect of a viable V/STOL aircraft was of great interest to both the British and US militaries, who funded further development of the aircraft. The new Jump Jet was an instant success with the British public, who marvelled at the ingenuity of their aeronautical industry, once again the envy of the world. As an accomplished demonstrator, the Harrier was always a popular exhibit with air show visitors, and the two aircraft formed a bond that remained throughout the Harrier's long service life. In the eyes of the British public, no airshow was complete without a display of Britain's world-leading Harrier. The Harrier GR.1 entered Royal Air Force service in April 1969, and its operational flexibility ensured that the aircraft was never too far from potential trouble spots. The Harriers were not limited to use on military airfields, but could also be deployed to forest clearings, motorway sections or even schoolyards, with their location concealed from the enemy. As many of these early Harriers were deployed in West Germany, they were intended to be a significant deterrent against Eastern Bloc aggression, as they could lurk in many unknown locations and were capable of immediately attacking attacking Soviet tanks. 114 parts, length built 199 mm / width 107.6 mm / height 50.4 mm. BAE SYSTEMS is a registered trademark of BAE Systems plc.
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Plastic putty, 20 ml
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