Environmentally-friendly disposal

Information in accordance with the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) "Environmentally responsible disposal of electrical and electronic devices"

Please read and observe the following information on the crossed-out waste bin symbol, which can be found on the product, instruction manual or package. This product must not be disposed of with normal household waste at the end of its service life, but must be separated and brought to a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic devices. This requirement is indicated by the crossed-out waste bin. Professional and proper disposal is ensured by handing in the waste equipment or devices to the approved drop-off points in retail outlets and at local authority buildings. Equipment or devices that are not disposed of properly can impact human health and the environment because they contain hazardous substances. The materials can be recycled according to their labelling. Through reusing, recycling and other forms of reprocessing waste equipment or devices, you can make an important contribution to protecting our environment.

Before dropping off the waste equipment, remove old batteries and bulbs that are not permanently integrated into the device, taking care not to damage them, and dispose of them separately. 

Privacy information: Waste equipment and devices frequently contain sensitive personal data. This is particularly true of the devices found inside such information and telecommunication technology as computers and smartphones. In your own interest, please note that each end user is personally responsible for deleting the data on the waste equipment or devices due for disposal.

Owners of waste devices that were used in private households can hand them in free of charge at the collection points of the public waste management authorities or at the drop-off points set up by the manufacturers or distributors. Shops with a sales area of at least 400 m² for electrical and electronic equipment as well as food stores with a total sales area of at least 800 m², which offer electrical and electronic devices several times per year or permanently and make them available on the market, are required to take back waste equipment and devices. It is also possible to drop off equipment free of charge at collection points of the distributors without having to purchase a new device. This facility is intended for small devices that do not exceed 25 cm in any dimension and is limited to three items per type of device.

An online directory of the collection and drop-off points set up under the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) can be found at https://entsorgungsstellen.e-schrott-entsorgen.org.

Our registration number with the foundation Elektro-Altgeräte Register (EAR - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is: WEEE Reg. No. DE 89907060.

You can find information on the data regarding electrical and electronic equipment in Germany (Art. 18 (2) ElektroG) here: https://www.bmuv.de/themen/wasser-ressourcen-abfall/kreislaufwirtschaft/statistiken/elektro-und-elektronikaltgeraete 


Information according to the German Battery Act (BattG)

Given that our products can contain batteries or rechargeable batteries, the German Battery Act (BattG) requires us to inform you of the following:

It is prohibited to dispose of batteries and rechargeable batteries with household waste; you are legally obliged to return used and rechargeable batteries to a local collection point or retail shop. Used batteries can contain toxic substances, which can cause damage to the environment or your health if not stored or disposed of properly. However, batteries also contain important raw materials such as iron, zinc, manganese or nickel for instance, which can be made use of. After using the batteries, you can either return them to us or return them in your immediate vicinity (e.g. at a retail shop or a local collection point) free of charge. For final users, the return of said batteries to retail shops is limited to standard amounts as well as for used batteries, which the distributor has or had in his or her product range as new batteries.

The symbol with the crossed out waste bin indicates that batteries and rechargeable batteries are not permitted to be disposed of with household waste. You can find the following additional symbols underneath the waste bin symbol, which have the following meaning:

Pb: battery contains lead / Cd: battery contains cadmium / Hg: battery contains mercury