Frühlingszeit! Genau der richtige Moment, um den Gemüsegarten anzupflanzen. In diesem Basteltipp zeigen wir euch, wie einfach es ist, mit einfach zu verarbeitenden FALLER-Produkten einen lebendigen und abwechslungsreichen Gemüsegarten zu gestalten.
Simple - but ingenious!
FALLER Car System – Definitely more motion!
The functionality is quite simple – yet ingenious. With the FALLER Car System, cars drive on the previously prepared roads as if controlled by magic.
Light is a real mood enhancer. It accentuates and stages, arouses emotions and gives the model railway layout that certain something. Why light is such a key element and how to use it in the best possible way – we answer the most important questions.
What can you actually expect when you buy a FALLER kit? We show you this with the example of the ‘Lahr Stork Tower' model.
With the lasercut minis, you can build beautiful, small scenes that are easy to plan and quick to implement. You can see the basics for building lasercut minis here.
To match the forests and meadows, there are also rivers and lakes. How to do this? Here we will show you how it is done.
Patination is the term for the artificial "ageing" of various materials and surfaces, so that they gain visibly more plasticity and make the object appear more alive.
In addition to the free design of your own H0 models, we also offer pre-constructed models in the scales H0 and G at the online shop at, which we can produce individually for you when ordered.
Great insights: follow model building tutorials on FALLER YouTube.