Witching hour in H0

The history of the “Daemonium” begins in 1997, when the large ride with the name “Kingdom of Magic” leaves the halls of the Waldkirch manufacturer Mack Rides. Aft er several renamings, it has been operated as “Daemonium” by Blume Att ractions since 2006. A total of 10 special transporters are needed to take all the parts to the next festival. The capacity is enormous: every hour up to 1,800 people can experience the world of ghosts in seven trains, each with four rotating gondolas. The ride takes almost four minutes on the track, which is around 330 metres long and runs over all floors. Another superlative: a 120 kW power connection is required to supply the “Daemonium”.

A real large-scale model

The model in H0 scale is also a large-scale construction: 415 millimetres wide, it consists of a total of 407 parts. Four geared motors set the gondola hoists in motion on the three levels, and the central skull and crossbones with a sword on the central façade also rotates impressively. The size and also the complex internal structure required six months of CAD development, and the prototype was ready af- ter about 100 hours of construction. Another fi ve months were needed for toolmaking and the transfer to series production. The front of the “Daemonium” is a special highlight, as it is already digitally printed with detailed images – eliminating the need for tricky gluing and ensuring a perfect result every time. Also included in the set are 19 hand-painted scary resin figures as basic equipment. Most parts are manufactured from plastic using the tried and tested injection moulding process. The large extension docked to the back of the façade, on the other hand, is made of laser-cut MDF elements and cardboard cladding. And because FALLER likes to forward-think, the “Daemonium” consists of individual, plug- gable modules. This way, even aft er assembly, if you want to you can still upgrade lighting elements, for example, and always have easy access to all maintenance areas.