Layout Construction seminar – Farm life

Topic: Farm life

Workshop run by: Klaus Zurawski

Workshop description:

In this seminar you will create a diorama with a farmhouse and outbuildings.

A 50 x 40 cm, roughly prefabricated diorama is available for each participant.

The farmstead with all its outbuildings is one thing, but of course there is also the "surrounding area", a landscape with various fields, paths, gardens, a village street, etc...
The result is a symbiosis of farmstead and landscape.

The slightly elevated farmhouse ensemble forms the centre and is separated from the old village street (narrow-gauge track as an option) by a wall. The farmyard area is paved with stone slabs (and aged, of course) and in front of the main building there is an old tall tree under which the farmer sits on a bench. In addition, there is a small farmer's garden with an old garden house, various flower beds and a well-kept lawn with a garden shed, all fenced in with various types of fencing.

And concerning the greenery, the landscape consists of unevenly laid out and slightly elevated field areas (optical illusion), which have been cultivated in various ways, for example cornfields, with the stalk height protruding more than an inch, a field that has already been harvested, a potato field, rapeseed field, etc. The corresponding paths are lined with some grass and stones with occasional bushes. Your creativity is called for, especially regarding the fields, using electrostatic grassing to create different colour designs.

All of the materials are provided by FALLER. You can draw from an abundance of resources.

What do you need to bring? You’ll need to make sure to bring with you a desire to create something beautiful, a passion for experiencing a landscape and the courage and dedication to simply dive in and make a start! We help you along the way with valuable hints, advice, practical experience as well as a lot of tips including examples.

Included in the workshop:

- Required tools
- Suitable, well lit work areas

Fee for the training course: 450,- €

Training date:

March 3 - 5, 2023 Gebr. FALLER GmbH
Kreuzstrasse 9
78148 Gütenbach



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