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Gripper TBM Tunnel boring machine

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This building kit contains: 1315 single parts in 6 colours, window foil, 1 drive motor, 1 decoration and 1 construction instruction. Use for handicrafts FALLER EXPERT plastic glue.
Track gauge
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970 mm, Ø 85 mm
Incl. motor
Yes (Motor)
Construction instruction
Moveable model
Busy world of business
Pushing ahead through the mountain with 4,200 kW. PREMIUM model of a »Gripper TBM« Tunnel boring machine including trailing arm, invert and gear motor based on a prototype by HERRENKNECHT AG from Schwanau. Using the grippers that give this machine its name, laterally extendable hydraulic cylinders clamp the tunnel boring machine to the tunnel wall. Hydraulic jacking cylinders steer the route with swinging movements and impart contact pressure to the drill head. Thanks to a rotating cutting wheel, this breaks rock chips out of the rock, and they are transported away via scrapers, channels and a conveyor belt. Rock support during tunnel excavation is provided by various machine devices, for example for installing reinforcement mats and rock bolts, mounting stabilising steel arches or taking test bores for preliminary exploration. There are conveyors on the trailing unit of the »Gripper TBM« for removing rock, other drilling equipment for installing rock bolts and devices for the concrete lining of the tunnel tube and installing utilities, as well as various lines, transformers, pumps, equipment containers and control units. Last but not least, the trailing unit provides the construction materials required by the »Gripper TBM«. 42 Tunnel lining segments for lining the tunnel floor and a Geared motor, Art. 180722 for rotating the drill shield are included in the kit. The connection is made to max. 5 V DC. Supplementary set: Trailers for »Gripper TBM«, Art. 130899 with further trailing unit variants available separately.
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