1/80 Endeavour

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"The schooner Endeavour lays claim to the America's Cup and wins the first two races. The third race was to be the most exciting. Fate played a nasty trick on Sir Thoms Sopwith: he failed and so could not win the America's Cup. Plank-on-frame kit with laser-cut keelholstery and the headrest are handmade and covered with red imitation leather, ready stitched. All fittings, accessories and exhaust pipes are solid brass and chrome plated. This kit contains highly detailed photo-etched parts to complete this realistic model.g at 11.40pm on Sunday 14 April 1912 and sank two hours and forty minutes later after breaking in two. The Titanic disaster is one of the worst maritime disasters in peacetime and by far the most famous in history. It was a great shock, despite the advanced technology and experienced crew. The kit includes: Planked hull
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