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Quick build kit of a British super sports car. When the McLaren F1 was launched in 1993, it completely redefined the concept of the super sports car. Its spiritual successor, the P1™, was to do the same 20 years later. Even two decades after its appearance, the McLaren F1 is still ahead of its time. It combined exceptional speed with everyday practicality in a way that no other contemporary supercar could. The McLaren P1™ is its rightful successor in every respect. While headline writers loved the fact that the McLaren F1 was the fastest production car in the world - setting a record of 240.1 mph - its greatest legacy was its engineering innovation. It was the first road car to be built with a carbon fibre tub - a technology McLaren introduced to Formula 1 and which is at the heart of all our current models. The best looking cars are those that have not only style but real substance. The P1™ is a stunning piece of automotive design, but you won't find any unnecessary embellishments or frivolous styling features on it. Every surface has been designed to work, every part treated with the same aerodynamic care as if it were part of an aircraft or Formula 1™ car. 36 parts. Length built 193 mm / width 90 mm / height 40 mm. Manufactured under licence from McLaren Automotive Limited. The McLaren name and logo are registered trademarks of McLaren.
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