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Goldbeck Industry hall

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This building kit contains: 124 single parts in 7 colours, window foil and 1 construction instruction. Use for handicrafts FALLER - plastic- and Lasercut glue.
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253 x 153 x 124 mm
1 x 180653
Construction instruction
Busy world of business
Start of FALLER’s new building-block system. Individually configurable and expandable model of a production, carrier or storage hall according to originals erected by building contractors »GOLDBECK«. All parts forming the basic hall such as steel structure and supports, wall and roof elements, strips of windows and rooflights, rolling shutter doors which can be fixed in the open or closed position, and the travelling trolley within the hall can be arranged at will and complemented with other compatible elements of the series. Through traffic possible by Car System and Car System Digital.
Hinweis: Der Bausatz Industriehalle »GOLDBECK« ist modular erweiterbar. Hierzu gibt es ergänzende Grundbauteile, welche je nach Bauwunsch individuell zusammengestellt werden können, wie z. B. Wandelemente, wahlweise mit Toren, Türen oder Fenstern sowie Stahl-Fachwerkträger, Betonstützen und Dachelemente. Weitere Infos zu den einzelnen Teilen erhalten Sie auf: www.faller.de.
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Wall card, Tunnel
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