You’re guaranteed to learn something new here!

Entirely according to the motto »learning by doing« we impart the knowledge needed in the areas of model layout construction, the car system and electronics. Don't worry, we respond to the individual needs of each participant. You can be assured that a workshop at FALLER makes a lasting impression and imparts first-class practical knowledge.

The workshops are well received by the participants

Become an expert in the area of the car system.

Who doesn't dream about it. Having cars and lorries driving around his/her layout at home or in a club! Actually, the whole thing it is quite simple, if you know how it's done.

Try it. In approximately three days you'll learn all the tricks and special techniques. When it's over you probably won't want to go home at all anymore!
Learn all the tricks of model layout construction

Our model layout builders are true professionals. They not only build sensationally beautiful sceneries but also know all the tricks on how to achieve good results. A real dream come true job!

And, the best part is - they'll show you how it works. These model layout construction seminars are new - you can find out more about them soon. You can look forward to it.


Kreuzstraße 9
D-78148 Gütenbach

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