The workshop at a glance!


The workshop is aligned to the knowledge of the participants. Practical use in the exhibition room should be considered at all times.

Technique is outlined from the inside along with its possibilities for use and you will also get the chance to plan and build complex street layouts.

The workshop participants build functional elements into their street precisely and in a technically correct way and get to know the particularities of the functional elements:

Course content

What should you consider when constructing an electricity network:
- AC/DC voltage,
- Polarity testing,
- Power input.

Construction of a Car System lane with self-driving cars Lane construction including labelling:
- What minimum radius and what maximum slope should be used?
- What materials are needed and obstructed for the roads? - What filler and street colours can be used?
- How can I correctly apply the street markings?

The workshop participants build a street for the self-driving cars:
- Recording the street route
- Milling wire coils
- Embedding wire
- Using pre-made road

Presentation of the functional elements:
How do the Car System functional elements stop points, junctions and parking spots work and how can they be implemented optimally?

Railway crossing:
- From the course of the roadway to cabling the functional elements.
- Consideration of the features of different model lines.

Bus stop:
- Selecting a vehicle group and use of the stop function,
- Key word: Traffic control.
- The workshop participants build a bus stop.

Traffic light crossing:
Overhead wire to the connection with the traffic light control and its ‘misuse’.

Distance control:
- Use and ‘misuse’

Rolling country road:
- Basic set
- Correctly building disentangled routes
- Features of model lines and cars
- Electrified ramps for automatic operation
- Route plan for a model railway system ‘Rolling country road’
- Construction of a car park.

- Features, service, customer service, care, maintenance and replacement parts

Course fee: €445

Included in the workshop:

- Required tools
- Suitable, well lit work areas

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