Rocky - »Now we're going to build our own mountains.«

It’s taken millions of years to create the mountains, erosion forming the valleys and rock faces. Even though these formations have taken infinitely long to create, in the world of modelling, amazing landscaping feats can be achieved very quickly. And not all mountain ranges have to look like the Alps.

Whether ready-made rocks or individual rock construction:

Mountain and rock modelling made easy ...

Aside from FALLER natural stone we also offer other great products for designing your rocks. One option is a tunnel portal and pieces of rock made of foamed PU material. They are already naturally shaped as a finished product by the manufacturer and painted with lifelike colouring.

A rock construction kit is offered as another product. Its contents include rock forms, knifing filler, paints and wooden spatula. With this »Starter Set« a number of rocks can be created, painted and individually designed.

The making of casting compound and casts can be learned quickly thanks to the included instructions. The adjustment of castings from one to another to create larger rocks can become necessary in some cases.

In general, the complete painting of the rocks is necessary. Moreover, those who are interested in a truly realistic effect of rocks should have knowledge regarding colours of appearance and characteristics of various rocks such as bunter (pinkish grey), limestone (yellowish light grey) or granite (tinged with dark grey).

Knowledge regarding the basics of painting techniques is helpful: priming, using colour gradations, structuring by means of glazing technique and highlighting by means of roughening. Please also see the FALLER modelling brochure for professionals (190842).

Working with plaster rock forms is low in cost because of the inexpensive casting material, yet makes greater demands on the modeller and cultivates his/her creative actions and individual design.
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