Let there be light!

Jonas: »Wow, that looks much better with the lighting!«

Pit: »Yes, Jonas your right. Specific effects can be achieved in the dark on building and fairground models in particular with lighting.«

There are virtually no limits set to the ideas

Tiny but nevertheless bright: With the LED technology lighting highlights can be created with a minimum of space and impressive night scenes result. Miniaturised and power-conserving, there is still room for lighting and the supply line even in the smallest models.

The LEDs are available individually or as light strips. White or in varicoloured sequences. The items 180648 and 180649 are supplied ready-for-connection to 12-16 V, DC/AC. A shortening or division of the strips is possible with the cooper wire connections.

Applicable for the illumination of buildings, rooms, advertising media, outdoor facilities, fairground booths, ships, etc.

Illumination of the buildings is easier and more favourable with either the micro-cable bulbs (item 180677) or the time-tested light bulb/socket stand (item 180670). Here, beautiful effects can also be achieved.
Item 180648
5 LEDs white
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