More ambiance

Jonas: »Pit, what alternatives do I have to make the construction kits even more beautiful?«

Pit: »Off the top of my head two things come to mind. First of all, you can do a lot with lighting effects - meanwhile that is no longer very difficult. Second of all, you can make the construction kits older or rather patinate them.«


A lot can be done with lighting ... more


Practice makes perfect ... more

Building tuning made easy

Actually it's quite simple. With a little practice and the appropriate elements a building construction kit can be individualised respectively spiced up without any problems.

Illumination is easiest with the light bulb/socket stand (item 180670). There is the option of applying it in virtually every building construction kit. LEDS are more power-conserving. And of course, better effects can be achieved with them.

Simply applying the paint would be to simple and also does not achieve the desired effect. With patination, i.e. the specific artificial ageing of surfaces, you can achieve individual and interesting effects on your buildings.
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