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Mountain rescue chalet

Mountain rescue chalet Standard 1
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Mountain rescue chalet [-de-] freigestellt 1
Mountain rescue chalet [-de-] freigestellt 2
Where the mountain rescue workers start their alpine rescue missions. The two-storey mountain rescue cabin combines a solid stone plinth storey with a traditional log plan construction upstairs. The typical timber notches, masonry door and windows surrounding emphasise the solid outside of the cabin.
A summit cross is included in the model kit.
This building kit contains: 97 single parts in 5 colours, window foil, 1 paper mask and 1 construction instruction.
Use for handicrafts FALLER - plastic glue.
36.99 €
incl. VAT
immediately available
Level of difficulty
The town, the village
Period III
1946 - 1977
Patinated model
1 x 180660
90 x 52 x 50 mm
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