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Landscaping course.

Topic: Let’s go to a romantic date - Autumn party at the foot of a vineyard

27-29 November 2020

Workshop run by: Klaus Zurawski

Workshop at a glance

In this course you will create a railway line diorama with a vineyard built up in height on different levels, which leads on steep slopes and precipitous terrain in the direction of a wine-tavern with old decayed walls.

Programme of workshop:

- Designing a vineyard with wine-tavern or beer garden
- Creation of steep slopes, roads with decayed walls, and grassland
- Laying out vines with grapes in various colorations
- Setting the topographical features of a landscape with railway line

A 55 x 40 cm prefabricated rough diorama will be made available to each participant. The basis for the arrangement of nature will be the electrostatic application of green by means of FALLER tool Gras-Fix.

You will learn how to lay out a vineyard with roads partly flanked with decayed walls, and build a wine-tavern or beer garden. Paths and stairs cross the terrain. An old railway line runs in front of the vineyard along the hill. You will style the vines and various growing terraces by yourself as well as the soil typical of vineyards. You will determine the degree of ripeness and colour of the grapes.

Vine-free areas, mountain meadows, and meadows in the bottom of the valley will receive the character of late summer.

All materials required will be put at your disposal by FALLER. You will be able to draw on plentiful resources. Wine-tavern or beer garden, cyclists, miniature figures and much more will be made available to you.

What you should please bring along? Pleasure in styling, the heart to experience a landscape, the courage and will to simply begin! We shall assist you with valuable pieces of advice, recommendations, plenty of knowledge from practice, and many illustrative tips.

Fee for the training course: 395 €

10% discount for MikroLänder members

Included in the workshop:

- Required tools
- Suitable, well lit work areas
- Products, materials and accessories to be assembled
- Refreshments for the day

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