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The expansion module is connected to the basic module (interface) per LocoNet, to have more inputs and outputs for stop sections, branch-off junctions, traffic lights, lighting, sensors and parking spaces for more complex model layouts. Several expansion modules can be connected in series. 11 inputs for sensors, 12 outputs for operational elements.

The extension module in Car System digital operation:

The extension module is connected to the Digital Master through LocoNet cable and fully automatically identified as hardware component by the »Car System Digital« software. Its 11 inputs and 12 outputs allow to preconfigure and control any light signals built into the circuit such as e.g. physical traffic lights, LEDs or lamps, to install and actuate Car System control components such as e.g. turnouts, parking spaces or sensors as well as other consuming devices. After virtually recording the track these components or devices all appear in the system window and are provided with a digital address. The extension module operates on 16 V alternating current. Several extension modules can be connected in series. The extension module may also be directly connected to any LocoNet capable digital control unit (e.g. Uhlenbrock Intellibox II) and be operated via such control unit.

Please also visit: www.car-system-digital.de

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