A model railway layout does not only consist of tracks, trains and railway stations but is just as versatile as the reality itself. Therefore, we offer everything you need to build a perfect layout.

The extensive selection of buildings is completed with ground mats and trees, scenery elements and town accessories, bridges and everyday objects as well as with the unique car system with which roads turn into actual traffic routes.


FALLER is a company with longstanding tradition.

You start with the implementation of an idea to offer houses as a construction kit. Because the space requirements could not be fulfilled in Stuttgart, the brothers Edwin and Hermann decide to relocate to their home town Gütenbach in the Black Forest. The company is named Gebr. FALLER.

At first the premises are fixed up with a great deal of talent for improvisation and imagination, then the necessary machines. The light is on long after dark in the FALLER workshop. Planning, designing and construction are carried out. That is how the success story of the FALLER houses began.

Today, FALLER is envisioning the future. The world changes, new fascinating facets can be found; in architecture, in everyday life or in matters of mobility. Of course all of this also changes the world of models in which high-tech trains drive past modern buildings and novel additional options which involve more dynamics and effects.

So there are always new possibilities of making your model railway and modelling even more lively and exciting. Apart from classic building construction, we place great emphasis on special themes, current types of architecture and the integration of the car system. In the future, we will offer you even more animated models. This is made possible by new drive, control and lighting technologies which are transformed and integrated accordingly by our model making experts.
Two things which have not changed. The head office and the production location are still in Gütenbach, i.e. the FALLER houses are made in Germany.

It goes without saying that in doing so, FALLER attaches great importance to richness of detail and quality.
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