Model layout construction – »Now it’s all about nature.«

Jonas: »Pit, that looks relatively simple. Do you think I can create my own scenery?«

Pit: »I think so. There are a few things you need to consider but then you can let your creativity get the best of you.«


Realistic landscapes more

Layout of bodies of water

Without getting wet ... more

Mountain and rock modelling

Actually it’s quite simple ... more

Budding landscape – Realistic detail

A lot of green, water, and an exciting terrain, with dreamy pathways and blossoming fruit-trees. It's idyllic, as it could only be in a book; and a model railway.
Simply build your own scenery – rurally dreamy, vividly urbane or with busy industrial zones

Just as you like it! The FALLER series gives you every possibility to make scenery as imaginatively real as possible. And this also includes of course the little things, sometimes not seen as crucial, but which refine the overall look and arouse enthusiasm.

In the following chapter you will find numerous tips and tricks as well as all necessary materials for:
- Basic terrain work
- Design of track bed and railway scenery
- Road construction with or without Car System
- Perfect mountain and rock design, including tunnel, gantry and arcades
- Landscape design, with many trees, bushes, terrain mats, strewing materials in many colors
- Perfect finish with lighting and special effects
- As well as tools, glue and various other types of important aids
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