InfoBaum – Attractions in the Heart of Europe

The Bollenhut of the Black Forest and the pinner of the Alsace are a part of the Infobaum logo and an expression of the closeness of the people in the region, even about the solely geographic closeness. FALLER miniature worlds in Gütenbach is one of the attractions in the »InfoBaum« cross-border information system for tourists.

Visitors to the FALLER miniature worlds will find an InfoBaum information display with info cards right at the entrance to the exhibit. Small flyers inform about numerous sights with a common theme »Attractions in the Heart of Europe, Attractions au cœur de l´Europe«.

Sized just right to fit your pocket it provides tourists and trippers in the Black Forest/Alsace/Moselle area with an overview of other town nearby worth visiting. And each of the participating attractions again features another InfoBaum information display with additional sights.

The new website for the InfoBaum network contains all the tourist attractions on a map, making it easy to experience our region and our sights.

We look forward to seeing you.

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