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The FALLER Car System brand core is made up of exciting model cars from the most prestigious suppliers, which we equip with motors, batteries, steering and reed sensors. A steering slider on the front axle and a special contact wire integrated into the road allow the vehicles to keep to their tracks reliably. And by installing three simple components, almost every traffic scenario can be reproduced in the model: Junction, stopping point, parking area.

A new driving experience

The “Traffic Control” simplifies Car System from the ground up. By connecting to the traffic control, you can control all Car System components and assess the impulses from the sensors.

For the purposes of switching this functional element, the Traffic Control is equipped with 15 different programmes that you can select conveniently using a micro-switch. Depending on the programme, you can use the default activation times for the switching operations or you can set these individually using a potentiometer.

Car System components

Components are the standard functional elements which you can use to control the Car System traffic on model systems. Whilst the three functional elements “Branch”, “Stopping point” and “Parking area” are connected to the outputs of the traffic control, the sensors are connected to the inputs. Alternatively, you can also use switches and buttons as input signals.

Junction, electric, Art. 161677
When activated, the magnetic field of the junction diverts a vehicle onto a second, branching contact wire. This is done through the magnets on the vehicle’s steering slider.

Stopping point, Art. 161675
When activated, the stopping point creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field causes the reed sensor in the vehicle to open and the current supply to the motor to be interrupted. The vehicle stops.

Parking area, electric, Art. 161674
The parking area has a permanent magnet which stops vehicles without electricity, even for a long period of time. When the parking area is activated, an integrated electric coil briefly interferes with this magnetic field. This closes the reed sensor in the vehicle and supplies power to the motor. The vehicle starts moving.

Sensors, Art. 161773
Sensors embedded in the road are activated by magnets on the vehicles when driven over and thus give precise feedback on the Traffic Control. This signal activates the control of a functional element.

Numerous connection and control examples, such as for the implementation of bus stops, bottlenecks, distance controls, parking spaces, right-of-way controls or level crossings can be found in the guide to the “Traffic Control”, which is available as a download on the product page.

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