Car System Digital, Radio Master

Car System Digital, Radio Master Standard 1
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Compact Car System Digital!

The »Radio Master« in USB flash drive size allows you to control all of your digital vehicle’s features. Using a radio module that transmits and receives, the »Radio Master« directs all communication between the Car System Digital components: digital vehicles, satellites and radio-based expansion modules.

The »Radio Master« comes with the following interfaces:

- a USB connector for plugging into a computer
- a powerful antenna for establishing a radio link between digital vehicles and satellites

The Car System Digital »Radio Master« includes software licence type »Basic version« allowing the operation of two digital vehicles. All devices are radio-based two-way short-range transmission systems, which are regulated under European standard sheet EN 300-220-1 (2). Published under: ETSI EN 300 220-2 V2.1.1. Frequency spectrum includes bands 868 to 870 MHz.

Also visit site www.car-system-digital.de

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