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Upgrade: »Car System Digital Master« from now on with DCC output, too.

The »Car System Digital Master« also allows from now on to address the most varied DCC compatible devices, such as e.g. servo, points or signal decoders. To use the new functionality simply assign in the Car System Digital software a digital address you have previously programmed in your DCC compatible device.

Radio basic unit! The »Car System Digital Master« permits communication between all required components and controls all functions. A radio transmitter and receiver module ensures communication with the satellites and the vehicles, respectively.

The »Car System Digital Master« is provided with the following interfaces:

- USB interface for connection to a PC
- LocoNet port to connect any other LocoNet components, such as e.g. the extension module, Art. 161352
- DCC input to connect any DCC capable digital control unit
- DCC output to connect DCC compatible devices
- Output to provide up to 6 satellites with rectified supply voltage
- Independent supply voltage of the Master with 16 V AC
- High-efficiency aerial for radio link between digital vehicles, satellites and Radio expansion modules, Art. 161345

Please note: The »Car System Digital Master« does not provide any primary supply voltage for connected decoders, and exclusively supports the DCC specification according to standard sheet.

The »Car System Digital Master« includes software licence type »Basic version« allowing the operation of two digital vehicles.

All devices are radio-based two-way short-range transmission systems, which are regulated under European standard sheet EN 300-220-1 (2). Published under: ETSI EN 300 220-2 V2.1.1. Frequency spectrum includes bands 868 to 870 MHz.

Also visit site www.car-system-digital.de

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