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The workshop at a glance!

General information

This course is aimed at beginners and those who would like to improve their skills in model layout construction.
There are topics in model layout construction which make us break out in a sweat time and time again – That can be avoided.

We show you, how you too can build and design a beautiful layout.

In this seminar you learn everything you need to get to work on your layout at home with sufficient self-confidence; from the substructure to landscape design to the formation of rocks and waterbodies.

In line with this seminar, each participant creates a showpiece which you may of course take home with you at the end of the seminar as a helpful reminder and incentive.

Contents of the seminar in detail:

  1. Layout planning and preparation Topics, eras and specific examples – what do I actually want? How much movement must there be? What do I think I can handle? Less is always more!
  1. Materials and tools Which tools do I really need? Knifing fillers, adhesives & co. Special little helpers
  2. Substructure Frames, wire mesh and plaster vs. hard foam slabs Which framework for which application? How can I save – kg and €?
  1. Rock modelling Swabian Alps or the Dolomites – why mountains are always portrayed in a contorted manner. Granite, sandstone or slate... Plaster vs. rock elements Colouring of the mountains – drybrushing Plants grow on mountains too
  2. Modelling water scenes From springs, streams, rivers, lakes and seas Lake sheets, casting resin & co. A waterfall – visual highlight on every layout Cataracts and sea foam The shore also belongs to the waterbodies
  1. Greens Fields, meadows and forests How much diversity should there be – Weeds and nice blemishes electrostatic grass for a perfect result.

Fee for the training course: 395 €

10% discount for MikroLänder members

Included in the workshop:

- Required tools
- Suitable, well lit work areas
- Products, materials and accessories to be assembled
- Refreshments for the day

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