Car System Digital, Beginner’s Set

Car System Digital, Beginner’s Set Standard 1
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The beginner’s set, without the vehicle, provides all components that are necessary for getting started with fully automated operation of the Car System Digital. In addition to the 3 satellites, the Car System Digital Master, as well as the software necessary for the controls, are included in the set. The software is Windows compatible from Version XP SP2. In addition to a totally realistic road load, a fully comprehensible distance control of the vehicles is also possible! Playful fun is guaranteed.

All devices are radio-based, 2-way short-range transmission systems, which are regulated by the European standard EN 300-220-1 (2). Published under: ETSI EN 300 220-2 V2.1.1

The frequency spectrum includes the bands 868-870 MHz.

See also: www.car-system-digital.de

The »Standard« software license type included covers the operation of up to 10 digital vehicles.
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