»And now we are going to build a street.«

Jonas: “How can I best build such a street?”

Pit: “There are two possibilities. Either you use ready-to-use FALLER Laser-Street-Elements or we build the street on a completely individual basis.”

The possibilities of roadway construction for the Car System

The vehicle steering function is fascinating. Because essentially, you do not see how it functions. And in order not to see anything, you have to work with accuracy - for building roads, there are various possibilities.

1. FALLER Laser Street
2. Possibilities of individual road construction

Road construction with FALLER Laser-Street
With FALLER Laser-Street, pre-fabricated road elements made of 3 mm thick plywood are at your disposal. These can be interlocked simply and are already equipped with a laser groove for the contact wire.

Individual roadway courses and the integration of curves, passing points, turn-offs, bridges and on ramps and exits can be realised particularly conveniently and in a tailored manner. All street elements are prepared with drill holes and markings as an installation support for the mounting of control elements.
On track, quick and simple - with FALLER Laser-Street
Individual roadway building
There are two alternatives available for individual roadway building for the Car System:

A. The build-up method
B. The embedding method

A. The build-up method
In order to steer the FALLER Car System vehicles it is necessary to integrate the included special contact wire into the road. The roadway must be made of a smooth material, for example 3 mm thick plywood and the width must take the steering range of the vehicle to be used into account.
HGVs with trailers require a wider roadway width than passenger cars particularly when cornering. The precise course of the special contact wire is determined by laying it out and partially securing it by means of adhesive strips onto the roadway and marking it there. Now a trial run can be carried out.
Should this take place without any problems, the wire can be attached to the roadway in its entire length using double-sided adhesive tape. In the case of oncoming traffic respectively two-lane roads and in particular when cornering, especially in curves, the structure gauge as well as the pulling out of the other vehicles using the road need to be observed. Two additional wires are attached parallel to the steering special contact wire in the width of the required lane on the right and left side as a boundary and they are marked and secured. As an alternative to double-sided tape FALLER EXPERT Rapid (170500) can also be used for this.
B. The embedding method
The build-up method involves a relatively large amount of filler and modelling work which requires precise measurement adherence and among other things may therefore not be everyone's preferred method. The roadway can be built considerably easier and quicker with the embedding method using a groove cutter. Instead of laying the special contact wire on top of the roadway, it is embedded into it. For this purpose a small groove must be cut into the roadway which is dimensioned in a manner which allows the special contact wire to be precisely embedded in it.

The groove cutter (161669) is ideal for laying the wires into wood materials. The device operates on 12 V DC and has a nominal current of at least 1 A. A suitable power supply unit with the respective performance potential is required for this. If surfaces which are not too hard are used such as poplar plywood for instance, the FALLER transformer 180641 suffices; for hard wood we recommend the 12 V DC transformer made by Kaleas.
You can find more details and products regarding roadway construction with the Car System in the catalogue or in the brochure Modelling Made Easy »Car System« (item 190846).
The groove cutter is used to cut the groove for the guide wire.
The grooves which are cut are sealed with the roadway filler.
The asphalt is applied with the paint roller and paint for the roadway.
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