CAR SYSTEM - »No cable, no rail groove - how can that be?«

Jonas: »Pit, that really looks great. How does that work?«

Pit: »The functionality is conceivably simple - I am going to try to explain the most important things about the Car System to you.«


In the vehicle ... more

Road construction

»And now, we are going to build a roadway.« more

Traffic control

According to road traffic regulations
with controlling examples

Simple - but ingenious!

FALLER Car System – Definitely more motion!
The functionality is quite simple – yet ingenious. With the FALLER Car System, cars drive on the previously prepared roads as if controlled by magic.

At the core are the motor and steering!
Just as in real life, the model vehicles feature motor, steering, and a battery in place of a fuel tank. They feature an on/off switch on the bottom of the car to start it, and a second micro switch, a so-called reed sensor, which responds to the magnet effect.

Quite simple!
After switching on the motor voltage from the included rechargeable battery, cars drive independently without any external power supply. The flexibly attached front axle features a forward facing steering part for specific steering, with a small but very effective permanent magnet at the tip. It responds to a speciality contact wire (steel wire) embedded in the road, keeping the vehicle in its track. It has – to emphasise again - certainly no a power line or supply function, but the iron content merely steers the Car System vehicles.

Implement custom traffic routing!
There are many options for routing traffic, which does require a little planning. Stops are available for stopping at traffic lights, railway crossing and stops. They consist of an electromagnet embedded in the roadway. With power, its electromagnetic field toggles the motor voltage via the reed sensor in the car. A branch is available for optional turning. This is an electric inductor which, when activated, diverts the steering magnet from continuing straight and carries it on with a speciality driving wire installed separately. All this is quite simple!

Cars, lorries and buses
There now is quite a large product range of vehicles in track widths for HO and N. And more are added each year. Experienced hobbyists always have the option to build or convert their own vehicles.

Integration into existing systems
You don’t necessarily need to build a completely new system. Integrating it into existing systems is also an option. Depending on the current basic set-up, there certainly are lots of options for adding life to your system’s road.

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