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Similar to the well-known television tower located in Alexanderplatz in Berlin. A model of impressive height with glazed spherical dome, red-white pole and a red-blinking beacon at the top.
The Berlin television tower proudly stands 368 metres high in the vicinity of the Alexanderplatz. In 1964 the central committee of the SED (Socialist Unity Party of Germany) decided on building the tower right in the middle of what was East Berlin at the time. In 1965 the pouring of the foundation which had a depth of up to five metres and the construction of the shank began. With a height of nearly 200 metres the characteristic spherical dome was then mounted, whose individual steel segments were hoisted up by a crane – by the way, the crane is still there today, however with its boom folded downwards. On October 3, 1969 the tower, whose costs for construction amounted to 200 million DDR Marks exceeding the calculated costs six fold, could be opened. Today, the Berlin television tower belongs to the Deutsche Funkturm GmbH, a subsidiary of the German Telekom.
In the tremendously large dome, which has a diameter of 32 metres and a weight of 4600 tons there is a look-out floor and a revolving café in addition to the transmitting technology. Approximately one million people ride the elevators to the top each year, among them even bridal couples who get married at the top of this landmark.
The 118 metres high, white-red antennae, which can be heated in the winter, accommodates FM stations, state-of-the-art systems for digital, terrestrial television (DVB-T) and digital broadcasting stations among other things.
This building kit contains: 127 single parts in 5 colours, 1 paper mask, 1 decoration, 1 LED and 1 construction instruction.
Use for handicrafts FALLER - plastic glue.
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Level of difficulty
The town, the village
Period III
1946 - 1977
150 x 150 x 1200 mm
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