Road and terrain modelling – extremely lightweight

Hydrozell is the perfect material to create your terrain and landscapes

– Extremely lightweight but still exceptionally sturdy!

Lifelike modelling of all different types of terrain

Hydrozell is a product to create terrain and landscapes such as mountains, rocks, lake beds and lakesides and the like. Contrary to plaster, which often results in surfaces which are too smooth and not always realistic looking, Hydrozell makes it possible for you to create a more precise, detailed terrain in line with your ideas. For this purpose, use a putty knife, screwdriver, household knife or comparable tools. The material is well suited to concealing tears and gaps or smoothing transitions to different terrain.

The advantage of Hydrozell is the longer period of time it can be re-worked during the design phase, which allows you to be creative without having to rush. Another advantage is that after it dries, it keeps the shape you modelled to a large extent and, compared to other materials, has a perfect balance between break strength and flexibility, as well as being insusceptible to cracking.

Above all, the main advantages include the lightweight nature of the material, given that the more plaster you use, the heavier your layout will be. On the other hand, if terrain and landscape elevations are created using rigid foam boards, the material properties of Hydrozell allow a direct application of such a plastic material.

Paint can also be applied to Hydrozell. If you apply paint later on, please wait until the material has completely hardened (24 hours to several days depending on the thickness of the application).

»Hydrozell«, item 180503 in our model layout construction assortment

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