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Track construction Ramp set Standard 1
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Double layer track construction system comprised of prefabricated plug-in elements made of 3 mm thick poplar plywood that are jointed with each other via plastic spigots.

Its construction using plug-in joints allows the track construction system to be expandable at will and to adjust to all track radii usual in model railway.

The track construction system allows to shape ramps at will, not only in slopes and declivities, but also in curves. It is thus possible to design e.g. runs of tracks that wind along a mountain side, viaducts or structures in a particularly easy way by means of small blocks of rigid polystyrene, or to reach the clearance height, e.g. in the case of bridges.

The final glueing over the entire surface gives the track construction system a particularly high stability that will support every railway engine without any difficulty.
108 parts, 6 different elements, overall length: 1784 mm
This building kit contains: 108 single parts in 1 colour and 1 construction instruction.
Use for handicrafts FALLER EXPERT Lasercut glue.
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Dimensions 1:
75,6 x 55 x 6 mm
Dimensions 2:
37,8 x 55 x 6 mm
Dimensions 3:
125 x 55 x 6 mm
Dimensions 4:
125 x 55 x 6 mm
Dimensions 5:
72 x 55 x 6 mm
Dimensions 6:
72 x 55 x 6 mm
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