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The full version of the software »Car System Digital« may be utilised in connection with the »Car System Digital Master« on any Windows PC from Version XP SP 2. The software, delivered on USB flash drive (incl. possibility of saving), is an integral part of the complete system. Using it, all components can be controlled and are accessible; it allows for fully automated control of complex Car System equipment. In addition to the complete functionality, the software is brilliant due to its simple and intuitive operability and modern interface. This makes particularly realistic traffic possible, the fully automatic distance control being ready to operate immediately. It’s play fun guarantee.

The »Premium« software license supplied includes operation with an unlimited number of digital vehicles and also represents the only license type that allows pure virtual operation of Car System Digital without having to connect any Digital Master.

Before purchasing an individual version of the Car System Digital software Art. 161356, do not hesitate to use the possibility of contacting FALLER’s customer service department. We shall be pleased to give advice.

Please also visit: www.car-system-digital.de

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