Car System Digital ‘vehicle conversion’ workshop

  • Workshop description

In the workshop ‘Car System Digital vehicle conversion’ you will learn the theory and practice of all necessary knowledge for the conversion of a standard, analogue Car System Model Vehicle for the Car System Digital Operation. The ‘Analogue-digital retooling kit’, article 163701, serves as a technical basis. After the conversion of the vehicle in the workshop, your vehicle will have lots of new digital functions. This begins with a professional load regulation, carries on with special functions like ultrasound or temperature monitored fast charging and can include the implementation of various light functions if you want and are able. The workshop is aligned to the knowledge of the participants.

  • Workshop content

An overview of Car System Digital

- Digital vehicles
- Software ‘Car System Digital’
- Hardware: ‘Car System Digital’ master, satellites, expansion module, processor-controlled loading station
- ultrasound
- radio

Requirements for the fitting of your workplace environment

- Recommended tool and necessary material for vehicle conversion
- All interesting facts on welding

Retoolable Car System Vehicle models

- Differentiation of vehicle types
- Overview of the vehicle components

Presentation of the platina components

- Solder pads and their placement on the retooling platina
- Solder pads on the retooling platina for the special light and sound functions

Retooling vehicles / decoder installation

- Preparing and coring vehicles
- Assembly ultrasound capsules
- Soldering retooling platinas step by step (charging socket, switch, reed sensor, motor, temperature sensor, rechargeable batteries)

Special functions

- Light (e.g. headlights, rear lights, blinkers)
- Sound (e.g. horns, sirens)

Programming and setting up digital vehicles

- Selecting the type of rechargeable battery
- Creating vehicles with the ‘Car System Digital’ software

Individually programming vehicle functions

- Overview of the configuration variables (e.g. digital addresses, speed, start and brake delay)

Maintenance, inspection and care of your digital vehicle

  • Course fee: €350

  • Included in the course fee:

- Standard Car System Vehicle, either a bus or a truck model
- ‘Analogue-digital retooling kit’, article 163701, made from retooling platinas, ultrasound capsules, necessary cables and temperature sensors
- SMD LEDS for furnishing the vehicle with light functions
- Factory tour
- Catering

  • You will be provided with the following for this workshop:

- All necessary tools
- Suitable, well-lit workstations

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