Car System Digital

Making model layouts come to life – with realistic road traffic, without visible cabling and without complex power supplies. »FALLER Car System« is, in addition to the legendary building construction kits, our most popular product and has been setting standards in creative model making worldwide for more than two decades. The most recent milestone in the development of the iconic speedsters is the extensive digitalisation of the vehicles and the control technology: Car System Digital 3.0 – a joint development of UHLENBROCK, GAMESONTRACK and the Gebr. FALLER GmbH.

With the »Car System Digital Master«, »Car System Digital Satellites« and the newly developed software »Car System Digital«, there are now components available, which completely redefine dynamics when driving the vehicles.

The new digital technology not only enables directly influencing all vehicle functions such as lighting, sound and speed in drive operation but also the fully automatic control of the entire traffic situation – irrespective of traffic volume or the complexity of the traffic scenario.

Ultrasound satellites provide for the exact location of the vehicles and the most realistic distance control on the market, while continuous radio contact between all components ensures the highest level of driving safety.

Great side effect: The new designed control system significantly reduces your construction effort given that merely junctions have to be installed as functional elements. All other traffic scenarios are remote controlled. The traffic flow on the model layout can therefore be redesigned or reconfigured as often as you like. The setup and control of all components is provided for by the intuitively operating software »Car System Digital«, which also arranges for control options via smartphones, tablets and even voice.

Driving with tomorrow’s technology today – All information on the new Car System generation:
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