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Car System Retooling Kit Analogue-Digital - upgrade in future

Bring your existing Car System Analogue to a completely new level. With the ‘Analogue-digital retooling kit’, article 163701, you can make way for your standard Car System Model Vehicle to locate and control in the Car System Digital Operation. The programmable retooling platina also includes solder pads for optimal fitting of the vehicle with light and sound functions. You can easily continue to use your available road network.

Scope of delivery

As well as the retooling platina ultrasound capsules for vehicle location are part of the retooling kit. These send signals over the range of human hearing to satellites and work in the system to measure the position of the vehicle. A suitable positioning ring provides for the exact fixing of the capsule on the vehicle roof. For sending and receiving information by radio the retooling platina has an antenna.


Electronics and basic solder knowledge are needed for converting vehicles. In the detailed operating instructions we have compiled all of the directions on soldering that we find helpful, given numerous tips and recommendeed you the suitable tools and materials for the optimal establishment of your workplace environment.

Conversion in three simple steps

  1. Coring vehicles, preparing and mounting the ultrasound capsules on the roof of the vehicle
  2. connect the vehicle components ‘charging socket’, ‘on and off switch’, ‘reed sensor’, ‘motor’, ‘rechargeable batteries’, the accompanying ‘temperature sensors’ for monitoring the battery charging process and the ultrasound capsules to the retooling platina
  3. Programming vehicles with the software ‘Car System Digital’

Setting up digital vehicles

After the conversion all vehicle functions are activated and changed by radio during driving, either by directly clicking a corresponding symbol on the software menu, by command from an automatic machine or through the integrated voice operation. If the converted digital vehicle is not in the radio section of a Car System Digital Master, it behaves like an analogue vehicle and can also be implemented without a problem on similar car systems.


  • Please consider that car and sprinter models are currently not provided for the Car System Digital Operation.
  • Immediately after the installation of the platina you need the Car System Digital Software and Hardware for the setup and operation of your new digital vehicle.

On the product: Car System Retooling Kit Analogue-Digital, Article 163701

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