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Car Centre premium model Standard 1
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Car Centre premium model Standard 2
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Car Centre premium model [-de-] Ausschnitt 2
• Modern car dealership in an open transparent glass construction
• Sales and consulting area with complete shop-fitted interior and information counter
• Flight of stairs with etched-metal railing
• Vehicle presentation on a rotating turntable (with motor)
• Lighting set specially adjusted to the premises and fitted with 22 white LEDs distributed over all rooms, the entrance area and the covered parking area
• Functioning car lift with drive and blinking warning light during operation
• Component parts allowing the operation of the car lift with the Car System
• Electronic module allowing to control the car lift, the warning light and the turntable
• Interior equipment and decoration parts.
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Trade, business, industry
Period VI
Model with motor
361 x 252 x 113 mm
43 mm
Car lift door:
35 x 24 mm
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