Layout Construction seminar

Topic: Farmhouse in wild and romantic surroundings

March 4 - 6, 2022

Workshop head: Klaus Zurawski

The workshop at a glance

In this seminar you’ll be creating a diorama with a farmhouse and adjoining buildings.

Content of the workshop:
- Designing a farmhouse with a village street
- Forming fields, farmlands and pastures
- Creating differences in height
- Topography of the landscape with farmhouse and accompanying buildings

A 50 x 40 cm, roughly prefabricated diorama is available for each participant.

The foundation is electrostatic grassing using the FALLER Gras-Fix as well as pavement and wall panels.

A farmhouse requires a careful and creative hand when composing and forming the surroundings. Alongside the farmhouse with all its accompanying buildings, there is a comfortable corner with tables, chairs, a bench and a caravan to retreat to. Naturally aged and and overgrown with colourful vines, in front a small farmer’s garden with all his plants and flowers, hedgerows, paths and fences. It looks like it’s from a scene in a fairy tale.

Attention is also paid to the courtyard design, which is laid out in fragments with old panels. Behind the courtyard there is a small pile of sand which is carried away by a small trolleys on tracks, serving as another highlight of the design.

There are fields all around, e.g. a stubble field or a golden-yellow cornfield ripe for harvesting, a potato field with furrows or a barley field, which stands in the fresh green grass.

All of the materials are provided by FALLER. You can draw from an abundance of resources.

What do you need to bring? You’ll need to make sure to bring with you a desire to create something beautiful, a passion for experiencing a landscape and the courage and dedication to simply dive in and make a start! We help you along the way with valuable hints, advice, practical experience as well as a lot of tips including examples.

Fee for the training course: 395 €

Included in the workshop:

- Required tools
- Suitable, well lit work areas
- Products, materials and accessories to be assembled
- Refreshments for the day

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