Environmental protection

Environmentally-friendly disposal

Information pertaining to the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG)

According to the provisions stipulated in the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG), we are obliged to take back electrical and electronic equipment/devices we supply and to provide for the recycling or disposal thereof and to inform you of the following:

Products, which are marked with a crossed out waste bin, may not be disposed of with normal household waste at the end of their service life but must be brought to a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment/devices. The symbol on the product, the instructions for use or the packaging indicates this. The materials can be recycled according to their labelling. By recycling devices at the end of their life cycle, recycling materials or other forms of recycling old appliances/devices, you make a significant contribution to the protection of our environment. Please contact your municipal administration for information on the appropriate disposal point.

In order to comply with our duty of disposal or recycling, we are a partner in a nationwide disposal system. Our registration number at the Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte-Register (EAR), i.e. the national register for waste of electrical and electronic equipment, is: WEEE reg. no. DE 89907060

Information according to the German Battery Act (BattG)

Given that our products can contain batteries or rechargeable batteries, the German Battery Act (BattG) requires us to inform you of the following:

It is prohibited to dispose of batteries and rechargeable batteries with household waste; you are legally obliged to return used and rechargeable batteries to a local collection point or retail shop. Used batteries can contain toxic substances, which can cause damage to the environment or your health if not stored or disposed of properly. However, batteries also contain important raw materials such as iron, zinc, manganese or nickel for instance, which can be made use of. After using the batteries, you can either return them to us or return them in your immediate vicinity (e.g. at a retail shop or a local collection point) free of charge. For final users, the return of said batteries to retail shops is limited to standard amounts as well as for used batteries, which the distributor has or had in his or her product range as new batteries.

The symbol with the crossed out waste bin indicates that batteries and rechargeable batteries are not permitted to be disposed of with household waste. You can find the following additional symbols underneath the waste bin symbol, which have the following meaning:

Pb: battery contains lead / Cd: battery contains cadmium / Hg: battery contains mercury