The workshop at a glance!


The workshop is aligned to the knowledge of the participants.
This seminar teaches you everything about the hardware and software of the digital car system. Knowledge of the analogue car system is beneficial but not a must.

Course content

1. System components (lecture with examples)

  • Car System analogue – Car System 2.0 – Car System Digital 3.0: What are the differences?
  • The Car System Vehicle and its technology – What is it capable of?
  • The Car System Digital Master (wireless base station) – The technical heart of the digital Car System
  • The expansion module – The control centre
  • The Car System Digital Satellites – How does the positioning work exactly?
  • The Car System Digital Software – Infinite freedom for small vehicles
  • The new process-controlled charging station – How do I fill up my vehicle fleet? 

2. Among others, the following contents are conveyed in several lectures, which can then be tried out by the participants in small groups (teamwork)

  • Planning – What kind of scenarios are there and what’s right for me?
  • The vehicle registration card – Starting out can be so easy!
  • Road mapping – Navigation system the other way around for a change
  • Digital roadway construction – How do I show the software where there is a fork in the road?
  • Traffic lights – road sections – tunnels
  • Real smart – The automatic distance control
  • Automation – Customised solutions
  • Sound and lights – What else can be controlled?

Fee for the training course: 300 €

Included in the workshop:

- Required tools
- Suitable, well lit work areas

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