evergreen – All model making facets in polystyrene

evergreen polystyrene has been serving ambitious model makers for over 40 years as the perfect material to unleash your own creativity and in doing so, corresponds with the core of the FALLER philosophy.
The US manufacturer’s extensive selection includes all different types of polystyrene strips, shapes, rods, tubing and profiles as well as numerous structural sheets, which significantly expand the space for individual building – from detailing and modification of existing construction kits to your entirely own construction of any design elements and individual models.

There are no limits to hobby craftsmen’s or professional model makers’ imaginations. Advanced results can even be achieved with simple tools and basic techniques so that the model making material is just as suitable for railway, plastic and architectural model making as it is as for arts and crafts supplies.

The advantages of this material include its durability and stability while still maintaining its mouldability under the influence of heat and at the same time the easy, quick and precise handling, the excellent adhesive characteristics and combination alternatives with all different kinds of materials such as wood, metal or other plastics and last but not least, the perfect surface characteristics, to represent different kinds of materials in finishing.

You can find »evergreen« now at well-stocked specialist model shops in Germany and Austria.
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