Layout Construction seminar

Topic: Backyards

March 05 - 07, 2021

Workshop run by: Klaus Zurawski

Workshop at a glance

In this seminar you’ll be creating a diorama where you get to design the rear view of a row of houses.

Contents of the workshop:
- Designing the rear view of a row of houses
- Layout of the access road to the yard
- Topography of the landscape

A 50 x 40 cm, roughly prefabricated diorama is available for each participant. The reason behind creating nature in this way is to demonstrate electrostatic grassing using the FALLER Gras-Fix.

The street front of the rows of houses is represented on practically every layout, but the back, the backyards, are almost completely missing. However, just the rear view of a row of houses like this offers numerous possibilities for building and designing a completely different scene out the back.
The buildings used are older, multi-story apartment buildings that are divided into two halves and the back is primarily used. There is access to the yard between the buildings.
The area to be designed slopes uphill slightly to an old railroad track, which runs along to the bottom of a valley. A track crossing under construction is also being made.

All of the materials for the design of the court are provided by FALLER. Stalls, fences, garages, arbours, gardens as well as accessories such as pipes and building rubble are ready for you to make use of.

What do you need to bring? You’ll need to make sure to bring with you a desire to create something beautiful, a passion for experiencing a landscape and the courage and dedication to simply dive in and make a start! We help you along the way with valuable hints, advice, practical experience as well as a lot of tips including examples.

Fee for the training course: 395 €

Included in the workshop:

- Required tools
- Suitable, well lit work areas
- Products, materials and accessories to be assembled
- Refreshments for the day

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