Layout Construction seminar

Topic: Snowy scene

November 12 - 14, 2021

Workshop run by: Klaus Zurawski

Workshop at a glance

In this seminar you’ll be creating a diorama with a winter landscape, snow-covered fir trees and snowdrifts on the railroad embankment and hills.

Content of the workshop:
- Designing a hilly landscape
- Layout of a railroad embankment with a slightly curved track
- Creating a snow-covered fir tree forest
- Topography of a winter landscape with snowdrifts

A 50 x 40 cm, roughly prefabricated diorama is available for each participant.

You’ll learn how to create a hilly landscape, a railroad embankment with a slightly curvy track, a snow-covered fir tree forest and, hidden within it, an old uphill road that goes over the rails as well as a chapel with some Advent stalls and people gathered around nearby. And all this in an autumnal grey-brown colour scheme.

All that’s left to be added is the snow! Snowdrifts have formed on the railroad embankment and on the hill, in front of the fir trees the wind has created a breath-taking scene in white. However, the surface soil with residual grass is still partially visible in the fields, as are the tyre tracks on the road.

We only introduce the snow lightly so that longer grasses and lower bushes are still partially visible, but most bushes that have retained their leaves receive a snowy covering.

All of the materials are provided by FALLER. You can draw from an abundance of resources.

What do you need to bring? You’ll need to make sure to bring with you a desire to create something beautiful, a passion for experiencing a landscape and the courage and dedication to simply dive in and make a start! We help you along the way with valuable hints, advice, practical experience as well as a lot of tips including examples.

Fee for the training course: 450,- €

Included in the workshop:

- Required tools
- Suitable, well lit work areas

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