Central Fire Station

Central Fire Station Standard 1
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Central Fire Station Standard 2
Central Fire Station Standard 3
Central Fire Station [-de-] freigestellt 1
Central Fire Station [-de-] freigestellt 2
Large two-storey fire station in imitation of the Fire Station West in Nuremberg, consisting of a transverse hipped roof building with hose drying tower made of masonry timber framework, and an adjoining longitudinal vehicle aisle with dormers and louver turret. The window jambs and angle ashlar made of sandstone contribute to the overall ornamentation of the building. The interior with parking places for the fire-fighting vehicles is closed by means of eight semicircular arched gates with swivelling wings.
This building kit contains: 546 single parts in 8 colours, window foil, 2 paper masks and 1 construction instruction.
Use for handicrafts FALLER EXPERT plastic glue.
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Trade, business, industry
Period I
1880 - 1920
1 x 180667, 1 x 180653
299 x 202 x 287 mm
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