Jupiter Ferris wheel

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Original fair vehicle from Nauta-Bussink, in the possession of the fair operator Barth-Kipp in Bonn.
This vehicle features completely new dimensions: 36 coloured illumi­nated cars, overall height 520 mm, »Jupiter« lettering; paybox and front supporting pillars can be illumi­nated effectively. With drive motor (16 V, AC voltage). For illumination of all cars, the »Jupiter« lettering and the front supporting pillars, the Ferris-wheel lamp set (art. 140471) is required. This set of lamps can be retrofitted.
This building kit contains: 1210 single parts in 11 colours, window foil, 1 drive motor, 1 decoration and 1 construction instruction.
Use for handicrafts FALLER - plastic glue.
immediately available
Level of difficulty
Experienced model makers
Fairs, carnivals, fairground
Period IV
1978 - 1985
Model with motor
1 x 140471
280 x 220 x 520 mm
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