Railway stations, railway buildings

Arrive, stay, depart

From the small wayside station to the city railway station ... more

Trade, business, industry

The economic factor

A multitude of trade, business and industrial buildings ...  more

The town, the village

Home sweet home

Various forms of accommodation for urban as well as rural life ... more

Action set

Real bargains

Limited theme sets for a great price-performance ratio... more

Scenic modelling

The small difference

Details are decisive in scenic modelling ... more

Miniature figures


Figures bring life into any scene ... more

Country specific models

United Europe

?Every country has its own special regional distinctions ... more

Articles of the month

12 x a year!

Month after month new special models ... more

Hobby selection

All beginnings are easy

Easy construction kits, quick to build, reasonably priced ... more

FALLER Classics

Retro design in model making

Old acquaintances - refurbished 2015 ... more
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