Ahlhorn Signal tower

Ahlhorn Signal tower Standard 1
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Ahlhorn Signal tower Standard 2
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Rectangular mechanical signal tower with built-in water tower in the middle, four-storey building in the architectural style of the New Objectivity. That clinker brick construction with flat roof built by the Oldenburg direction of the former German Railways in 1931/32 accommodated the room for wire strainers on the ground floor and the switch room on the bright, largely glazed first floor of both aisles. Above another room on the 2nd floor there was the water reservoir that is still existing today with its capacity of 50 m³.
This building kit contains: 108 single parts in 4 colours, window foil, 1 paper mask and 1 construction instruction.
Use for handicrafts FALLER EXPERT plastic glue.
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Railway technical buildings
Period II
1921 - 1945
Patinated model
2 x 180670 oder/or
2 x 180667 (LED)
166 x 87 x 172 mm
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