• FALLER Quality - extremely good value Action sets 2017
  • Anniversary model 2016 - Genuine decoration pieces
  • Scale Modelling 2017/18 The new FALLER main catalogue

  • New Items 2017 Fully in love!

  • For remodelers
    Treat each detail as if it were the whole big thing. Using the model layout construction products from FALLER, you can achieve a step by step perfect design of your model layout – designed in a nature-oriented and individually unlimited manner!
  • Car System Digital
    Frequent drivers
    Inspiring driving experiences, interpreted
    in a highly modern fashion
  • Model making without any limitations! The world of plastic model making takes us by surprise with all different kinds of themes, types and scales.
  • TOMYTEC - Japanese models

New products 2017

Perfect, playful, versatile! Fascinating suggestions in the track gauges H0, N, Z and G.

FALLER on the go

Our trade fair dates 2017

FALLER BASIC! Model making for the little ones

 Construct, fold, plug in – done!


Technology and Emotion! www.car-system-digital.de is the address all about the fun of digital driving.

Action Set 2017 H0/N

FALLER workshops – Learn from the experts

 Learning by Doing! Alle Termine im Überblick


  • 01.02.2017 | The whole new FALLER catalogue ‘Model making 2017/18’

    Browse and download online now: more

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