CAR SYSTEM - »No cable, no rail groove - how can that be?«

Jonas: »Pit, that really looks great. How does that work?«

Pit: »The functionality is conceivably simple - I am going to try to explain the most important things about the Car System to you.«


In the vehicle ... more

Road construction

»And now, we are going to build a roadway.« more

Traffic control

According to road traffic regulations
with controlling examples

Simple - but ingenious!

FALLER Car System – definitively more movement!
The functionality is so easy – but at the same time ingenious. In the FALLER Car System the cars drive over the prepared streets like they are guided by an invisible hand.

Engine and steering wheel are the core pieces!
As also in reality, the model vehicles are equipped with engine, steering unit, and and a battery in place of the tank. For start-up they posses an on/off switch on the floor of the vehicle, as well as a second micro switch which reacts to magnetic power, a co-called reed contact.

Conceivably easy!
After turning on the engine power from the attached battery the cars drive independently, without power supply from the outside. For directed steering of the vehicles, the flexibly attached front axle carries a steering part pointed towards the front, which is equipped with a small but very effective permanent magnet at its tip. This magnet reacts to a special contact wire (steel wire) which is inserted into the street and therefore keeps the vehicle on track. To emphasize this again, it does not have any power conducting and therefore supplying function, but rather is responsible for the steering of the Car System vehicles due to its iron content.

Individual traffic systems possible!
Traffic systems offer many possibilities, but do require some planning. Stop units are available for stopping at red lights, railway crossings, and stations. They consist of an electromagnet that is inserted in the street. When power is given, it turns off the engine power with its electromagnetic field through the reed contact built into the vehicle. There are junctions available for optional right of left turning. Junctions consist of an electro inductor which leads the guiding magnet away from the straight line to a separate contact line when it is activated. Everything is conceivably easy!

Cars, trucks, and buses!
Meanwhile there is a very comprehensive assortment of vehicles in the track gauges for HO and N. And new ones are added every year. The skilled craftsman can even construct or modify own vehicles.

Integration into existing layouts!
You do not necessarily have to build a completely new layout. The integration into existing layouts is also an option. Depending on the basic construction until now, there are surely many possibilities how you can bring more life to your streets.
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